Rules, Regulations, And Standards

Safety Procedures

  1. HSE procedures for employing, installing, and maintaining the conveyor system.
  2. Procedures for readiness and reaction to the leakage of radioactive substances.
  3. HSE procedures for GIS electrical substation.
  4. Procedures for issuing Permit to Work (P.T.W)
  5. HSE procedures for working on the gas grid.
  6. Safety procedures for collecting and cleaning the slag tunnel and the cooling yard.
  7. Procedures on the HSE Plan for contractors.
  8. Procedures for identifying risks and risk management.
  9. HSE procedures for individuals entering closed spaces and tanks.
  10. HSE procedures for employing pressurized cylinders.
  11. Procedures for working with oxygen.
  12. Procedures for ladder safety.
  13. HSE procedures on tools.
  14. HSE procedures on lifting machinery.
  15. HSE procedures on using man baskets.
  16. HSE procedures on excavation and digging operations.
  17. HSE procedures on inventory.
  18. HSE procedures on performing electrical operations and tasks.
  19. HSE procedures on electrical power.
  20. HSE procedures on contractors.
  21. HSE procedures on welding and cutting.
  22. HSE procedures for laboratories.
  23. HSE procedures for casting.
  24. HSE procedures for working with wind-powered tools and compressors.
  25. HSE procedures for working with pressurized tanks.
  26. HSE procedures for working with heavy machinery.
  27. HSE procedures for lift trucks.
  28. HSE procedures for using water desalination devices.
  29. HSE procedures on carrying equipment using cranes.
  30. HSE procedures on sandblast operations.
  31. HSE procedures on working at heights and scaffolding.
  32. HSE procedures on working with the hydraulic press device.
  33. HSE procedures on working with lathes.
  34. HSE procedures on working with circular devices and installing fences where necessary.
  35. HSE procedures on personal protection gear.
  36. Procedures on safety and health meetings and committees.
  37. Procedures on issuing permission slips for vehicles to enter the company.
  38. Procedures on installing HSE warning signs.
  39. Procedures on the HSE penalties for contractors.
  40. Procedures for traffic and driving rules.

Procedures/Operational Practices for the Fire Fighting Unit

  1. Procedures for preparing firefighting equipment.
  2. Procedures for rescuing people from elevators in emergencies.
  3. Procedures for physical readiness of the firefighting personnel.
  4. Procedures for performing drill exercises.
  5. Procedures for performing medical examinations on firefighting personnel.
  6. Procedures for keeping order at the firefighting station.
  7. Procedures for inspecting, replacing, and moving fire extinguishers.
  8. Procedures on recharging respiratory cylinders.
  9. Procedures for controlling and reducing operational risks of firefighting.
  10. Procedures for responding to fires and explosions, and providing rescue and relief for the injured.
  11. Operational practices for readiness and response to emergencies.
  12. Operational practices for extinguishing fires, responding to explosions, and providing relief and rescue.
  13. Operational practices for responding to flooding.
  14. Operational practices for responding to the leakage of suffocating and toxic gases, and providing relief and rescue for the injured.
  15. Operational practices for responding to breaks in the connection roads.
  16. Operational practices for responding to earthquakes and providing relief and rescue in damaged buildings and structures.
  17. Operational practices for responding to cyberattacks.
  18. Operational practices for responding to poisoning and contagious diseases.

Healthcare Procedures

  1. Procedures for collecting medical waste.
  2. Procedures for ergonomic considerations in the work environment.
  3. Procedures for performing medical examinations during the recruiting process.
  4. Procedures for measuring risk factors in the work environment.
  5. Procedures for health inspections.
  6. Procedures for the health of the freshwater.
  7. Procedures for general health.
  8. Health procedures for preparing and distributing food and food items in the restaurant.
  9. Procedures for recording and investigating occupational accidents.
  10. Procedures for the health clinic.
  11. Procedures for spraying and baiting to eradicate insects and rodents.
  12. Procedures for disinfecting medical equipment and ambulances.
  13. Procedures for the safety and auditing of radiation sources.
  14. Emergency procedures for working with radiation sources.
  15. Procedures on chemical substances.
  16. Procedures for personal monitoring.

Healthcare Procedures

  1. Procedures for controlling and measuring environmental factors.
  2. Procedures for establishing green management.
  3. Procedures for responding to emergency environmental situations.
  4. Procedures for waste management