Introducing The Manufacturing Technology Engineering Unit And Its Goals

The manufacturers active in the country’s steel industry can increase their competitive edge compared to other steel companies by developing engineering and technology services in an attempt to reduce the final price of finished products through strategies such as optimizing energy and raw material consumption, expanding the basket of qualitative products, and correcting and improving manufacturing processes. Accordingly, the Manufacturing Technology Engineering Unit of south Kaveh Steel Company has been established to realize organizational goals, maintain the product competition market, and reaching the following objectives:

  • Identifying and resolving technological problems as well as problems related to the organization process in the fields of ironmaking and steelmaking
  • Developing process-based instructions for various manufacturing processes;
  • Striving to optimize the manufacturing process;
  • Evaluating and monitoring the manufacturing process;
  • Trying to improve energy consumption and the consumption of raw materials and additives;
  • Performing feasibility studies for manufacturing new grades as a means to expand the products basket;
  • Performing the process of assigning internal grades (ISG) for the products;
  • And so on.