Quality Assurance

In order to prove its sustainable capabilities for manufacturing products, meeting the needs of the customers, ensuring the satisfaction of the stakeholders, completely following HSE requirements, and constant improvement of processes through effective implementation of an Integrated Management System (IMS) based on OHSAS18001:2007, ISO14001:2015, and ISO9001:2015 Standards, South Kaveh Steel Company has identified organizational processes, and strives to constantly improve them by regularly monitoring and measuring them.

When defining the company’s goals, the main processes have been considered that cover all the operations for manufacturing direct reduced iron (sponge iron) and steel ingots. Moreover, by providing access to resources and constantly collecting and implementing data in each process, all operational tasks and process monitoring steps are supported. Moreover, by utilizing proper internal audits and management revisions, constant improvement in the processes is ensured. In addition, South Kaveh Steel Company also monitors and controls all the outsourced and delegated processes.

The processes required by the integrated management system for manufacturing DRI and steel ingots have been identified in the applicable range of the IMS, and these processes are applicable in all the units of Fulad Kaveh Jonoub Company.

The sequence of this processes and the interactions among them are schematically shown in the process map below, while their details are explained in the working documents of the organization. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the implementation and control of these processes, a number of criteria and indicators have also been defined. The resources and information required for supporting the implementation and monitoring these processes are also available. It should be noted that these processes are regularly monitored, measured, and analyzed.

Based on the results obtained from the monitoring and measurement processes, the actions necessary for realizing the planned objectives and constant improvement in the processes are implemented. Moreover, the records for the prior measurements of the processes are considered as an input for the management revisions.

The process of strategic planning The process of designing and developing an integrated management system The process of improving and excellence of the organization
Customer The marketing and sales process The process for measuring feasibility and determining technical specifications The process of production planning The process of production operations The process of controlling inventory Customer
Contract and deals The process of measuring and monitoring the products The supply process
The process of energy management
The administrative, human resources, and support process The process for equipment maintenance and repair+ calibration of the measuring equipment The process of information and communication technology The process of occupational safety and health The process of environmental management The process of technical and engineering services (technical support) The process of financial management
The process of customer relations management (CRM)