The HSE Policy

South Kaveh Steel Company has recognized excellence in protecting the environment, safety, and health of the employees as an integral part of its accepted organizational culture, while the company considered its main approach to be focusing on protecting and guarding the environment and striving to promote the level of the safety and health of its employees.
Accordingly, based on a deep belief in the fact that if tasks are planned and performed accurately, all accidents can be prevented, as a pioneering company in the country and in the Middle East, we are trying to have a performance compatible with global standards and realize the following objectives as the main goals of the HSE management system:

  • Creating a healthy work environment;
  • Complete compatibility with all the national and international HSE rules, regulations, and environments, and even exceeding them;
  • Protecting the environment and promoting optimized utilization of resources and energy, as well as striving to constantly reduce environmental pollution caused by the company’s activities and moving toward preventing any type of pollution;
  • Preventing injuries and diseases, reducing accidents, and managing and controlling risks and risk factors in the work environment;
  • Refraining from accepting performances that result in anything but a zero-level damage;
  • Promoting the awareness of the employees about their tasks and responsibilities related to safety, health, and environment, and empowering them to perform their tasks;
  • Establishing a proportional balance between the employee and the task;
  • Eliciting the participation of all the stakeholders, including employees, customers, contractors, and others, in constantly improving the HSE management system;
  • Establishing an addiction-free work environment;
  • Promoting the HSE culture and realizing an active approach toward HSE;
  • Constant improvement of HSE performance since realizing HSE goals will ensure the comprehensive success of South Kaveh Steel Company in its business.