Introducing The Unit And Its Goals

The Research and Development (R&D) Unit in South Kaveh Steel Company has been established in order to advance the scientific and research goals of the company in an attempt to expand the R&D-based activities based on the knowledgebase of the company’s experts with the following goals:

  • Equipping South Kaveh Steel Company to state of the art and advanced technologies;
  • Concentrated policymaking and implementing research projects inside and outside South Kaveh Steel Company;
  • Integrating and aligning research priorities with the strategic policies and plans of the organization in the area of research;
  • Promoting demand-orientation and planning research and technology that respond to the needs of the organization;
  • Organizing multifaceted and comprehensive partnerships with national and international scientific centers, including research centers, technical centers, and industrial centers;
  • Promoting the approach based on learning technologies, endogenous development, and improving the capabilities of domestic technologies;
  • Future mapping and monitoring transformative changes in the science and technology related to the steel industry;
  • Standardization, optimization, and improvement of organizational processes;
  • Reducing the final price of the products while increasing their quality;
  • Increasing productivity and optimal utilization of the organization’s resources and assets;
  • Maximized utilization of domestic manufacturing capabilities and supporting knowledge-based companies;
  • Optimization and localization of domestic products and replacing foreign products with domestic ones;
  • Reviewing strategies for energy optimization and productivity, reduction of waste, and environmental protection;
  • Supporting researchers, experts, and innovative and creative individuals inside the organization.