Purchasing Raw And Heat-Resistant Materials

The Raw Materials Purchasing Unit is responsible for supplying the materials required by various manufacturing units from domestic or foreign sources as follows:

  • Pellets;
  • Melting aids and melting agents (including limestone, crude dolomite, calcium aluminate, calcium carbide, bauxite);
  • Carboniferous materials group (including metallurgical coke, oil coke);
  • Ferroalloys, medium and high carbon ferromanganese, and ferrosilicon manganese;
  • Metals and quasi-metals group (mainly including aluminum, aluminum wire, aluminum sections, and hemisphere aluminum);
  • Scrap group including heavy, medium, and light scraps;
  • The group of gases including cylindrical and laboratory gases;
  • Heat-resistant materials including carbon, silica, silico-alumina, and high-alumina, dolomite, magnesite, chromite, antacid, and heat-resistant shaped and non-shaped materials used in steelmaking;
  • Graphite electrode group (with diameters of 700, 650, and 450 mm for use in electric arc furnaces and ladle furnaces);
  • Industrial and laboratory chemical products group (including acids, resins, water purifiers, solvents, cleaners, rust removers, acid washing additives, catalysts, laboratory materials, putty paints, glass water, and industrial adhesives);
  • Industrial lubricants group including various types of oils and industrial grease.

Head of purchasing raw materials

Full name Office Phone Direct number Cellphone Fax Email
Engineer Ehsan Ardestani Tehran +98 21 8891 6547 - 9 2137 - +98 21 8978 9260 e.ardestani@sksco.ir
Bandar Abbas +98 76 3353 0280 - - -