Foreign Purchasing

In addition to supplying components and equipment from foreign sources, this unit is responsible for the support and providing foreign commercial services to other units as well. In general, performing the steps necessary for foreign purchases and providing commercial services based on the following steps are among the tasks performed in this unit:

  • Gathering information and determining sources for foreign purchases (source selection);
  • Obtaining pro forma invoice;
  • Determining the conditions and provisions of foreign purchase contracts (selecting proper conditions for purchasing based on the terms of delivering the product, suitable delivery time, payment method, and so on);
  • Submitting orders for purchases in the Comprehensive Commercial System;
  • Following up on orders submitted to the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade;
  • Transporting the purchases products;
  • Carrying out customs affairs and clearance of goods imported to customs;
  • Transporting the goods cleared through customs to the company’s warehouse.

For more information, please call this phone number:

Head of Foreign Purchases

Full name Office Phone Direct number Cellphone Fax Email
Engineer Mohsen Hamidinejad Tehran +98 21 8891 6547 - 9 2130 - +98 21 8978 9260
Bandar Abbas +98 76 3353 0280 - - -