Foreign Marketing And Sales

based on the latest opinions of marketing experts, marketing refers to a set of activities and processes for creating, transferring, transporting, and exchanging products and services which are valuable for customers, clients, commercial partners, stakeholders, and the entire community in general.

Marketing does not start with a novel idea or innovative product; rather, it is the starting and end point for any business. Marketing is based on the customer. In fact, the marketing process starts even before the customer enters the business cycle, and not when the product is ready for sale.

Marketing is the process of increasing the customers’ interest in products and/or services. This process starts with market research, and continues with analyzing customer behavior, improving the customer’s Journey Map, completely understanding the demands and needs of the target markets, maintaining customers, and ultimately increasing market share. Strategies and policies of the company must be developed based on new marketing concepts. Marketing is not merely a form of advertisement or sales; rather, marketing is beyond promotion, advertisement, or even sales. Marketing is a combination of science and art, and creativity is the main requirement for the progress of this industry.

The Marketing and Sales Unit in to south Kaveh Steel Company Steel Company has utilized innovative marketing tools, including digital and online marketing, advertisement, promotion, and so on, as a core part of the steel business, to focus on prioritizing the customer, increasing the number of clients, improving the satisfaction of the customers as the commercial partners of the company, and ultimately maintaining current customers and converting potential customers to real customers, while ensuring the interests of the owners and stakeholders of the organization.

Based on the strategy of “the company’s commitment to the creation of a distinguished and distinct brand” based on a collective experience dedicated to the customers, this unit has tried to create a distinct type of interaction with the customers. This unit implements CRM and customer service in a distinct manner in order to attract customers to south Kaveh Steel Company, increase their trust in the company, and even make them loyal promoters of its brand.

We believe that if we can create a great and pleasant experience in terms of purchasing and service for our customers, we have succeeded in distinguishing our brand.

The Export Unit Management

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