Industrial Gases

The oxygen unit (or ASP) is one of the most critical sections of various industries. In South Kaveh Steel Company, the supply of industrial gases has been realized through installing and operating modern and up-to-date equipment in a plant with an area of 10,000 square meters. Accordingly, this plant meets the basic needs of downstream units, including steelmaking and ironmaking units. After the operationalization of the first phase of the steelmaking plant, this unit has made the company self-sufficient in terms of industrial gases. Moreover, the second ASP phase will be constructed for the second phase of the steelmaking plant.

Capacities provided by the oxygen unit in phase one

product production capacity
GOX 7500 Nm3/H
GNi 1360 Nm3/H
Lar 250 Nm3/H
LOX 10 tons per day
Note: oxygen and argon are not made simultaneously.

The capacities of the backup tankers

product production capacity
LOX 341 m3
LIn 35 m3
Lar 60 m3

Moreover, the capacity for producing pressurized air is 10,000 normal cubic meters per hour.