Desalination And Water Treatment Plant

This plant is in fact considered as one of the support sections for the manufacturing process; hence, it is of utmost importance. The desalination systems in Kaveh Complex have been under construction with an overall production capacity of about 55,000 cubic meters per day. At the moment, 25,000 cubic meters of this capacity have been operationalized. These units have been designed in line with the long-term self-efficacy goals of the company in a way to meet the internal needs of the company, while enabling the company to meet part of the needs of the neighboring plants and companies as well.

The water treatment process consists of two main sections:

  • The SW (Sea Water) Unit: The process for producing industrial water from the sea water;
  • The BW (Brackish Water) Unit: The process for producing demineralized (Demin) water.

The SW Unit consists of three main sections:

The SW Unit consists of three main sections:

  • Taking water from the sea (intake);
  • Pre-treatment; and
  • Water treatment (producing industrial water or RO).
  • Intake

    As the first step, two pumps, located 1.5 km away from the coast and the desalination system, take up water from the sea. This sea water is then pumped to the pre-treatment unit with a flow of 4,000 through GRV pipes with a size of 40 inches.

  • Pre-treatment

    The pre-treatment unit in Kaveh Steel Company utilizes state of the art technologies, and it has three main sections:

    • 1. The DAF;
    • 2. The MMF; and
    • 3. The CF.
  • Water Treatment (Producing Industrial Water)

    After reducing the suspended minerals and passing through the housings in the cartridge filter in the pre-treatment unit, the water enters the desalination system and its membranes (the reverse osmosis system, or the RO).

The Demin Water Production Unit (BW)

The BW Unit consists of three main sections:

  • Producing DM water;
  • Producing freshwater; and
  • Industrial treatment plant.

Moreover, this plant utilizes concrete tanks with a capacity of 8,000 cubic meters for storing the water.

  • Producing DM Water

    This unit includes six skids with a capacity of 17,000 m3/day, producing Demin water using the RO system with a recovery level of higher than 80 percent. The water produced in this unit is sent to the steelmaking and reduction plants.

  • Producing Freshwater and the Industrial Treatment Plants

    The plant for producing freshwater from industrial water has a capacity of 1000 m3/day. Moreover, the Industrial Treatment Plant of 160 m3/hr the company with a capacity of is under construction.