Second Phase Of Steelmaking

The implementation of the second phase of the steelmaking project in South Kaveh Steel Co. Steel Company with an annual production capacity of 1.2 million tons started based on a ratified directive in December, 2012 in the Persian Gulf Mining and Metal Industries Special Zone near the first phase of the steelmaking project. The main goal of this project is to increase the annual production volume of the plant from 1.2 million tons to 2.4 million tons of billets.

The intended ingot produced in this project is in the form of billets with cross-section dimensions of 130*130, 150*150, and 200*200 mm with lengths of 6 and 12 m.

It should be noted that the physical progress of the second phase of the steelmaking project was equal to 89.41% in late August, 2020, and it is in the process of utilization. The remaining physical progress is related to peripheral activities including the oxygen unit, preparing the yard, non-industrial buildings, and so on.

  • The process of manufacturing steel ingots:

    The sponge iron is transferred through a conveyor belt directly from the neighboring reduction unit to the steelmaking plant, and it is stored in predefined storage units. Moreover, there are tanks for storing lime and ferroalloys, all of which enter the steelmaking plant using conveyor belts. At first, the scraps are dumped by a crane into the scrap baskets, and then they are transferred to the steelmaking hall by the transferring vehicle to be charged into the furnace. On the other hand, the sponge iron and lime are transferred to the material storage tanks, and then to the furnace, by conveyor belts. Then, the electric arc furnace starts the melting process, which is predicted to last about 60 minutes from depositing the raw materials until the complete discharge of the furnace. After preparing the molten steel, it is poured from the electric arc furnace into ladles, transferred from this point under the furnace by the ladle-carrying vehicles to be sent to the next station (ladle furnace) for alloy making and monitoring by cranes. Once the alloys are ready, the molten steel is transferred from the ladle furnace by ladle-carrying vehicles, and then taken by crane to the continuous casting unit. In the casting station, the molten product goes through the lines of the continuous casting machine, and after completing the shaping, cutting, and cooling steps, the ingots are numbered and weighed, and then transferred to the product storage unit, where they are ready to be transported to the customers.

No. Activity Unit Completed
1 Pile setting Number 1560
2 Pouring concrete Cubic meters 75,000
3 Installing the metal structure Ton 19,000
4 Installing the equipment Ton 8,100
5 Laying cables Km of length 395
6 Piping Dia-Inch 170,000